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You’ll go through a number of activities to help you think like a real investigator. As you assemble the clues in one of three murder mystery scenarios, see how science and critical thinking work together. There are three murders and 15 suspects in all, so keep your thoughts racing.

Don’t be scared by the word “science.” The attraction leads you through a series of activities to make it both entertaining and educational. You’ll cover topics including DNA and fingerprint analysis, as well as forensic anthropology.

CSI fans will enjoy the top interactive experience in Las Vegas. To discover CSI: The Experience, which features hands-on science in an exciting multi-media environment with real effects from the TV show, visit the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino on the famous Las Vegas Strip. To spot and document evidence, utilize ‘crime scenes.’ For scientific testing and pathology research, go inside laboratories and autopsy rooms. Then return to the office to construct their case, based on the scientific evidence.

CSI is, in a sense, returning home. A touring version of this exhibit has traveled throughout the United States and other countries based on the popular television show CSI. The MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas serves as the permanent location for this popular exhibit on TV’s long-running program. The fascinating world of forensics from fingerprints to DNA and beyond will be revealed to you at the MGM CSI Experience. This incredible CSI exhibit has amazing special effects, hands-on features, and a multimedia presentation. It’s best for individuals aged 12 years old and above, and it’s one of Vegas’ most popular activities.

The celebrities from CSI Las Vegas are represented in person throughout the exhibit by video. The cast members open the exhibit, guide visitors through it, and judge participants’ crime-solving abilities at the conclusion of the experience. You’ll enter one of three crime scenes, begin looking , and obtain an investigation card at the start of the MGM CSI Experience.

The intensity of the images varies; one film depicts a vehicle crashing into a living room on a quiet street, while another shows a skull in the desert, and the third investigates the tragic death of a young waitress.

The crime scenes are decorated as mystery boxes with clues that must be discovered. After examining the evidence at the crime scenes, you’ll come across a wall of crime scene photos, which can be explored in greater depth. At the interactive lab components, where the evidence can be subjected to forensic testing,  The MGM CSI Experience will enable you to conduct a variety of tests, including taking fingerprints and fibers, comparing DNA, analyzing bullets and cartridges, and doing whatever else is necessary to solve the case.

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