Trinity Groves

Trinity Groves in the Dallas area is a mixed-use development that includes residential, office and retail spaces. It’s located in the heart of Uptown Dallas just north of Downtown Dallas. Trinity Groves has won numerous awards including “Best Mixed-Use Development” by D Magazine, “Most Livable Suburb” by Forbes Magazine and “Project of the Year” by Building Design + Construction magazine.

The Trinity River flows through this community which offers gorgeous views to residents living here. The property also has its own private golf course with two 18 hole courses!

Trinity Groves is a new development in Dallas that has been designed to be a “foodie’s paradise.” The project will eventually encompass 400 acres and include restaurants, apartments, retail space, hotels and more. There are already a few developments in the area, such as The Union Kitchen and Lucy’s Fried Chicken.

In the past few years, Dallas has been home to a number of exciting developments. In particular, many people have been talking about Trinity Groves in Dallas as it is one of the newest and most innovative locations in North Texas.

Trinity Groves is a Dallas landmark. With its green space, outdoor art installations, and unique restaurants it has become an important part of the community. Some visitors may not know that Trinity Groves was once home to the Trinity River basin, which drained into three lakes just north of downtown Dallas until they were filled in during the 1920s. The area around Trinity Groves came to be known as “The Valley” because it was between two bluffs called Turtle Creek Bluff and Cedar Springs Bluff.

Trinity Groves is a new destination in Dallas, Texas that has just opened up. It’s not only an amazing place to shop and dine, but it also offers beautiful surroundings with its lush landscaping and buildings. Trinity Groves is the perfect place for anyone who wants to enjoy a day of shopping or dining with their family while still catching some fresh air!

Dallas has a lot of great things going for it. There are tons of restaurants, arts and culture, and outdoor activities just waiting to be explored. One area that is really booming these days is Trinity Groves in Dallas. This area offers the best dining experience in Dallas with a variety of upscale restaurants as well as some authentic Mexican cuisine options. The Trinity River runs right through this neighborhood making it feel serene and peaceful while you enjoy your meal outdoors on one of the many patios offered at each restaurant or from an event space available for rent by the hour!

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