McCullough Hills

The McCullough Hills Trail is a moderate 25.9 kilometers out and back trail in the Las Vegas, Nevada area, south of Las Vegas that runs through two mountain ranges with spectacular views. This track is best done between October and May because of the diverse activities available. Dogs are welcome on this route but must be restrained by a leash.

The McCullough Hills TH on the east side of the McCullough Hills is linked to Anthem Hills Park TH on the west side via an 8-mile route. It’s a dirt trail with plenty of space for running or cycling. The eastern views are wonderful in this first phase, and the western views are stunning, including Las Vegas and Red Rock.

At the end of Mission Blvd, the McCullough Hills TH is under construction and will feature water and restrooms. The trail begins south from this facility and goes west to Anthem Hills Park TH. For about a mile and a half, the route steadily gets more difficult. There are several officials (Anthem Hills East and Bursage Loop) and unauthorized trails at this point that complicate matters. Follow the ridgeline after that.

McCullough Hills is a small, close-knit community located south of I-215 and west of I-515, north of the Dragonridge Country Club. A home in McCullough Hills offers easy access to shopping, schools, and restaurants as well as several parks and golf courses.

Outback treks in Henderson can help to strengthen the heart and clear the mind. Protected land with just a strip on the other side of hills dotted with multimillion-dollar mansions is accessed via quiet paths that wind through it.

Hiking this well-marked route is moderately difficult because of its length and the need for a half-day commitment. In terms of elevation gain (600 feet) or terrain, it wasn’t overly tough after the first mile from our starting point at Anthem Hills Park.

On a chilly autumn day, we took the west-to-east axis, but a second option might have been to start at Anthem Hills Park and work our way back east. Next time, we’ll start at McCullough Hills Trailhead, near 295 Mission Drive in the Horizon Drive/95 area.

We’ll go east to west from there. The trek is 8 miles in either direction, but we chose west-to-east this time because we wanted to enjoy an early Thai dinner at Naga restaurant after our walk.

We had two automobiles in our hiking plan. We left one at McCullough Hills Trailhead and took the other to the start point at Anthem Hills Park, where it would stay for most of the day until we returned much later to retrieve it.

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