Love Field

Love Field is a small airport that serves Dallas, Texas area. It’s located just 3 miles from the heart of downtown Dallas, which makes it convenient for travelers who do not want to have to go through the hassle of driving in heavy traffic. Love Field has one terminal with 7 gates. It offers flights with Southwest Airlines and American Airlines, as well as Delta Air Lines on select routes.

Love Field Dallas Texas is the world’s largest municipal airport. It was originally constructed during World War II as a military airfield, but in 1949 it became Dallas’ commercial airport. The airport is located four miles south of downtown Dallas and seven miles north of Lewisville, near its intersection with US Highway 75. Love Field has limited international service to Mexico City by Aeroméxico Connect and flights are offered on an occasional basis to Cancún, Costa Rica by Copa Airlines-Dallas/Fort Worth (seasonal).

Love Field is an airport in Dallas, Texas. It was originally called “Dallas Love Field.” The airport opened on October 13, 1917, and has been serving the city for nearly 100 years. Originally it served as a military airfield before transferring to its current designation of a commercial aviation facility.

Love Field is a major airport in Dallas, Texas. It’s the third busiest airport in the United States and offers flights to destinations all over the world. Located 10 miles from downtown Dallas, Love Field has been an integral part of this city since it opened in 1929. For many years, it was known as one of the best places to land a plane because of its proximity to downtown and its short runways for landing planes that were once considered too big for such an area.

Love Field is a domestic airport located in Dallas, Texas. It was originally called Wright Field when it began as an airfield for military aviation during World War I. In those days, the field served as a training base for pilots and mechanics. The name changed to Love Field in 1947 after being purchased by Mr. H.L. Hunt from Jock Lawrence’s estate of the same name and renamed after his son who died during WWII while serving with the US Marine Corps Air Wing VMD-254 VMF-31.1 There is a wonderful exhibit about the history of Love Field at the airport which I encourage you to visit if you have an opportunity.

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