Deep Ellum

Deep Ellum is a neighborhood near Dallas, just east of downtown. Home to many artists and musicians, the area has an eclectic mix of historic bungalows next to new condos. It’s also home to some great restaurants and bars!

Deep Ellum is known as the heart of Dallas’ nightlife, with dozens of bars, music venues, and restaurants sprinkled throughout its historic neighborhoods. The area has also been home to many artists over the years. 

The name Deep Ellum comes from a corruption of “Deep Elm,” which was originally used to identify an area in East Dallas that had elm trees. Today, it’s best known for being one of the liveliest areas in all of Texas!

Deep Ellum is a neighborhood in Dallas, Texas. It has more than 100 years of history and has been the site of many an artist’s lofts, studio, and gallery. The area is bounded by I-30 on the north, Gaston Ave to the south, and Central Expressway (US 75) to the west with Elm Street as its eastern boundary line. Deep Ellum was once called “the heart of black Dallas” but there are also many Latino residents in this community today.

Deep Ellum is a neighborhood of Dallas, Texas that is known for its arts and entertainment. The area has always been an eclectic mix of different types of people who have helped create the unique character in Deep Ellum. It’s also home to some amazing restaurants, bars, and music venues!

Deep Ellum is a part of Dallas, Texas that has been around since the late 1800s. The name “Deep Ellum” comes from a local family that owned a cotton gin in the area. It was originally called Elm Street until it became so popular amongst musicians and artists. Deep Ellum is now home to many art galleries, music venues, restaurants, and bars as well as some great old architecture!

Deep Ellum is a neighborhood in Dallas, Texas that has been nationally recognized as an up-and-coming destination for entrepreneurs and creatives. The area features many restaurants, bars, theaters, and shops. What makes this location so popular? It’s the sense of community that Deep Ellum provides to those who live there or visit it.

Deep Ellum is a neighborhood in the city of Dallas, Texas. It was originally a predominately African-American community known for its jazz and blues clubs, but it has evolved into one of the busiest areas in Dallas. The area is home to many artists who live in lofts above the storefronts along Elm Street and Main Street. Deep Ellum’s nightlife scene has been ranked among some of America’s best by Rolling Stone Magazine.

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