Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar

Years ago, Trader Sam became infected with the bartending bug. Sam has been trekking throughout the Amazon, Congo, Mystic Point, Polynesia, and every other exotic location in search of ingredients to combine into these strange cocktails since then.

Sam also gathered quite a few of the trinkets and antiquities that you see all around you at his namesake bar souvenirs and presents from all over the world. It’s a jungle in the tiki bar business, but Trader Sam began offering invigorating elixirs to explorers and adventurers, and the news really spread!

Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar caters to two types of people: those who are unfamiliar with it and individuals who can recite the entire menu from memory. I’m confident in saying, nevertheless, that I’m on the extreme side of this argument. My belief is, if you have a favorite cocktail that causes your magic to happen, a volcano will erupt if you order it. As a devoted supporter who has, on two separate occasions, waited for two hours to enter Trader Sam’s since its reopening in mid-May, I’m still discovering new things about it.

You’ll receive a notification from the “skipper” before you enter Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar, which is cleverly tucked away between the pools in the main courtyard of the Disneyland Hotel. One, there won’t be anybody else’s boat to jump into while you’re inside. You’ve got 90 minutes to enjoy your journey, after which you’ll be handed a “life raft in the form of a check presenter” to assist you to return to land. Three, rules one and two aren’t supposed to be taken too seriously, but if there’s an issue they’ll let you know about it.

You’ll be greeted by a tiny room containing a lot of photographs and mementos, windows that offer views of the tranquil Krakatoa Volcano (which is not about to erupt if someone orders the Krakatoa Punch), and bartenders with some of the finest tiki beverages in Orange CountyThe dining area seats 47 people, but it’s so popular that the bar and tables are replaced on a regular basis, with those waiters and waitresses rushing.

Perhaps you’d get weary of having to be enthusiastic for the same three special effects every hour, but there are two more drinks that make things happen when you order them, and I’m not gonna tell you what they are; however, it doesn’t feel that way to me or the other guests who are eagerly waiting for the next thing to occur.

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