The Mob Museum

The most incredible stories are uncovered by peeling back the layers. We put in the effort to get to the bottom of some of history’s most intriguing mysteries at The Mob Museum, which explores the age-old conflict between good and bad guys. 

The Mob Museum is a hands-on museum that explores the long-standing power struggle between organized crime and law enforcement from the Mob’s inception to today. It’s located in downtown Las Vegas’ heart, just off Fremont Street.

The award-winning guided tour The Untold History of the United States uses inventive storytelling and animatronics to immerse visitors in the past, presenting them with facts, fiction, and gray areas between. It showcases events and characters that played a crucial (and notorious) role in American history.

The Mob Museum is a museum dedicated to organized crime in the United States. Four expertly-curated floors of interactive exhibits, multimedia displays, compelling artifacts, and pop culture information combine intrigue with explanation in The Mob Museum.

This mob museum experience includes a unique narrative that leads guests through an accurate historical timeline of the Mob’s tumultuous history and its influence on America, as well as immersive experiences that reveal the harsh realities of those who fought (and continue to fight) back.

The Museum’s home, an immaculately restored former US Post Office and Courthouse, is one of the museum’s most valued relics. The magnificent 1930s neoclassical structure witnessed a plethora of intriguing events in its existence, including the Kefauver hearings.

The Mob Museum provides an exciting, new way to learn about the mobster era through engaging exhibits, heart-pounding action and surprises around every corner. During the Distillery Tour, visitors get a glimpse into the Crime Lab, where they may assist in solving real-life cases by utilizing forensic evidence. They can also put their instincts to the test on the Firearm Training Simulator and sample moonshine during the Moonshine Tasting Trail.

Experience the sights, sounds and tastes of Prohibition-era living in a fully functional Speakeasy – but only if you know the password – while in The Underground, located in the Museum’s basement.

The mission of the Mob Museum is to promote greater public awareness of organized crime’s history and significance in American society. The Mob Museum takes a unique and informative look at organized crime from the days of Las Vegas to contemporary American streets, as well as across borders and networks of the entire globe.

The Mob Museum is an interactive museum in a part of Las Vegas that explores the lives of these renowned criminals, including their rise to power and subsequent fall from it. The Mob Museum offers an inside perspective on organized crime’s influence not only in Las Vegas but also in the United States and throughout the world.

Some people are captivated by mobsters, while others are enthralled by the good guys who brought them down. If you’re a fan of law enforcement, you’ll get to learn a lot about them as well.

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