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Sample Monthly SEO Report

Sample monthly Report

This is an actual SEO Report, screenshots attached, sent to one of our SEO clients that just finished their second month of SEO with us on December 15, 2019 (they hired us mid-month so their month runs from the 15th to the 15th).  When they hired us it was with a brand new domain name with zero SEO having been done.  Their starting Metrics will be attached after this report so you can see what we started with. Anything blacked out is for the client’s protection.  We are always testing new products and tools so also notable in this report is that we are testing out a new rank tracker, Serp Robot, as our usual rank tracker is Pro Rank Tracker.

Monthly SEO Reporting

Hey there,

Attached is your SEO Report from November 15 through December 15, 2019.
This month, we continued to work on building your foundation.  You moved up a TON in rankings again this month globally!  See the first screenshot which was last month, and then the 2nd screenshot which was this month!  You went from 40,000,000 to 27,000,000 globally.  Keep in mind when you started you were at 157,000,000.  As you get higher and higher globally, the increases will obviously be much smaller of course so keep that in mind.
That same screenshot 1, shows that last month you started at 30 referring domains (internet properties linking to you) to 113 referring domains now, which is a massive increase in the internet properties linking to you!
Your organic keywords are starting to populate!  See attached of the overall rankings
“************** Appliance Installations” for example went from spot 86 when we began (page 9) to spot 36 now (page 4) – see next 2 screenshots
Your Maps rankings are really starting to take hold!  see attached!  Look under the “first” column where it said N/A (that means you were nowhere in Maps).  Now they have starting to populate with really good rankings!  “Dishwasher Installer” went from nowhere at all to spot 3 on Maps (which means you are in the 3 pack), “local appliance installation” went from nowhere to spot 4 in Maps. “********* ***** Appliance Installation” went from nowhere to spot 6 in Maps. Anyway, you can look at the screenshot and see all the improvements which are a lot.
Keep in mind that as seo continues you are going to bounce around like a ball.  That screenshot of “********* appliance installation” should kind of show you how all of the keywords are going to bounce around with the overall direction of going up!
The $250 in costs this month were spent on your company as follows:

$250 costs for November 15 through December 15

Minus $35.00 -100 profile links –***********************

Minus $70.00 – more Citations –*********************

Minus $15.00 – social signals to homepage –*********************

Minus $15.00 – niche relevant web 2.0’s***********************

Minus $18.00 – ordered article for “******** Appliance Installations” (see attached) from for a page for the website which is here – https://*****************.com/****-*****-appliance-installation/

Minus $20.00 – PR9 EDU & .Gov links –*************************

Minus $10.40 – ordered article for “Television Installation” from ineedarticles to replace TV Mounting page

Minus $15.00 – Guest Post – to new ***** ***** page I put up**********************

Minus $10.00 – guest post home improvement blog –*****************

Minus $30.00 – Home Improvement niche citations –*********************

Minus $10.00 – Guest Post Home Improvement niche –***********************

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed the report!
If you have any questions please let us know!


This was after month 1 – went from 157,000,000 Ahrefs rank to 40,000,000

after month 2 went from 40,000,000 to 27,000,000 Ahrefs rank and 30 referring domains to 113

Organic ranking starting from nowhere to starting to populate within the top 10 pages, even page 1 for 1 keyword already

Maps rankings going from literally nowhere to within the top 10 and higher, already spot 1 of Maps for several keywords

Going from spot 86 to 36 in 1 month

Spot 86 to Spot 36

Article purchased for use on the website


The starting Metrics for this client were as follows:

Ahrefs rank of 157,000,000 which is as low as you can get

starting Majestic metrics


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