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Chinese Water Torture and Digital Marketing?

Chinese Water Torture

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Learn How Chinese Water Torture is related to Digital Marketing


What is Chinese Water Torture?

Chinese water torture, also called Dripping Water Torture, has been around since the 15th or 16th century, being found in Italy, but by a different name. The Chinese water Tourture includes limiting a person’s mobility, and after that gradually dripping water on to the individual’s forehead for an extended period of time, which is supposed drive the person mad over time.


The Origins of Chinese Water Torture

Hippolytus de Marsiliis is credited with the invention of this approach of toture. He used what he discovered as to how drops of water falling one by one on a stone gradually developed a hollow, and after that applied it to the body.


How Efficient is This Torture

Practically no evidence exists that this approach of torture is in fact reliable. The television show MythBusters, who checks myths on a regular basis, checked the efficiency of the torture in the MythBusters Water Torture Episode and found it to be legitimate. Keep in mind that the fact that the individual was restricted supplied the majority of the effect, whereas the added addition of water seemed to be negligible. 


So How Does Chinese Water Torture Possibly Relate to Marketing?

So by now you’re probably asking, “Great, I know something about Chinese Water Torture, but how does that relate to digital marketing in any way whatsoever?” That’s a really great question, and one that I have an answer for!

Well, you are here right now reading this aren’t you? And guess what? I am a marketing company, however my specific focus in marketing is search engine optimization (SEO). And you managed to find my marketing company specifically rather than some other marketing company or any company for that matter, right? Well isn’t that what marketing is all about? To get people to find you for whatever you want them to find you for? Of course it is! That’s the very definition of what digital marketing is! See for yourself by clicking this definition of digital marketing!


Okay, so now you finally get it! But how did I do this and why did I rank my marketing company for this search term?  

The Why is because the keyword “Chinese Water Torture” gets 10,000 searches per month, WOW! That’s a heck of a lot of searches for a keyword! So you if you can show up for something that has a ton of searches, guess what? A lot of people are going to actually find your company!!! I wanted you to find my company and guess what? You did!!!

The Why is also because according to Ahrefs SEO tool, that specific keyword happens to be super easy to rank for!!! See for yourself!

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A high volume keyword that is easy to rank can be used to bring traffic to your website, meaning A LOT OF PEOPLE will actually find your website.


Knowing this, I then used my amazing SEO skills (my digital marketing skills) to get this page ranked on Google! And isn’t that what we all want for our websites, to rank on Google?  


Guess what? You just learned How Chinese Water Torture relates to Digital Marketing and how it can also bring your website a lot of visitors!

If you would like your company website, or any website for that matter, to show up for the things you want to show up for, we can help. This is what we literally do every day! Give our search engine optimization experts a call today!  We can be reached at (949) 940-5295.

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